Тайны Небес


From the depths of Mystery come the Secrets of Heaven. They have come to take you deeper into the experience of mystery and purpose that surrounds your presence in the world.

Here the Angelic Assembly seeks to share with you what has long been forgotten in the world — those truths that once guided the prophets, poets, messengers and mystics throughout the ages.

Here the ancient memory and awareness that dwell within you can be rekindled, revealing your greater gifts and higher purpose in life. The Secrets of Heaven hold the power to unlock these gifts, deep at the heart of humanity. With these gifts, there is new hope for the world.

Heaven asks you to receive its secrets. Each secret is a window into a greater reality. Each secret is an opportunity to peer through the looking glass and see ourselves as we are seen from above. Now we are looking through the eyes of Heaven to see ourselves, others and the world as never before.

More to Come…

Secrets of Heaven is the first book of Volume 6 of The New Message from God.