Мудрость от Великого Сообщества – том 2

Wisdom from The Greater Community Volume II concentrates on the needs of a world in transition as the greater context for finding your higher purpose in life and resolving personal dilemmas. It speaks of the larger arena of intelligent life called the Greater Community (What is the Greater Community?) and provides the insights and perspective necessary to prepare for a future that will be unlike anything that we have ever known.

In the New Message Teaching on topics ranging from “Discernment” and “Greater Community Realities” to “Courage” and “Religion as Mystery,” Wisdom Two opens the way to living a greater life in the world. Both volumes of Wisdom from the Greater Community are a powerful complement to the journey in Steps to Knowledge.

Here is presented a series of teachings on The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, which is the inner pathway of spiritual preparation contained within the New Message from God. This is a universal spiritual preparation now being presented to the world for the first time.

Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II is the second book of Volume 5 of The New Message from God.


Chapter 1: Ambition

Chapter 2: Possessions

Chapter 3: Pleasure

Chapter 4: Serving Others

Chapter 5: Working with the Mind

Chapter 6: Discernment

Chapter 7: Discretion

Chapter 8: Solving Problems

Chapter 9: Honesty

Chapter 10: Greater Community Visitations

Chapter 11: Spiritual Practice

Chapter 12: Self-Expression & the mental Environment

Chapter 13: Religion as Mystery

Chapter 14: Intelligence

Chapter 15: Responding to the Greater Community

Chapter 16: Thresholds

Chapter 17: Visitors’ Perception of Humanity

Chapter 18: Compassion

Chapter 19: Courage

Chapter 20: Learning from Others

Chapter 21: Devotion & Commitment

Chapter 22: Money

Chapter 23: Becoming Wise

Chapter 24: Work

Chapter 25: Environments

Chapter 26: Conflict

Chapter 27: Self-Doubt

Chapter 28: Greater Community Realities

Chapter 29: Inspiration

Chapter 30: Kindness

Chapter 31: Concentration

Chapter 32: Pride

Chapter 33: Perseverance

Chapter 34: Walking The Way of Knowledge