Forberedelse på Det Større Fællesskab

Preparing for the Greater Community is a book of Revelation from the Creator of all life given to prepare us for the reality of Contact with extraterrestrial life and for humanity’s emergence into a “Greater Community” of worlds in the universe.

Preparing for the Greater Community was given because humanity has reached this critical threshold in its evolution, a time of convergence when the reality of a changing world and the reality of Intervention from the universe collide. This book is here because the Greater Community is here—forces from the Greater Community are in our world now. With this comes the urgent need to prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the realities of engaging with life on a larger scale. It is to present this preparation that this book is now being made available to the world.

Revealed in 1997, Preparing for the Greater Community was the first text of the New Message to reveal the larger reality of the Greater Community in which we live and to present a comprehensive preparation for life in this new and challenging environment. Here the Creator of all life is revealing what awaits humanity in the universe at large, the challenge and complexity of interaction between worlds, and the essential tools humanity will need to navigate its engagement with forces from beyond our world. Here the human family eclipses its millennia-old isolation in the universe and learns to interact wisely with other forms of intelligent life. This interaction will greatly expand how we view ourselves, God and our place in the universe.

Preparing for the Greater Community is a book in Volume 2 of The New Message from God.

The book contain the original spoken Revelations received by the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers. The Messenger has been directed by the Source of the New Message to gather the revelations of the New Message into the sacred books and Volumes of God’s New Message.